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A Boudoir photo session prior to your wedding is a great way to give your new mate an intimate, unique wedding gift that won't be forgotten! If you've considered it, there's no better time than NOW.

If you find the concept scary, don't worry! You can dress up or as down as you dare, but pretty lingerie is by far the most popular! Here are some thoughts on customary attire for your boudoir session.

Those of us who specialize in these kinds of shots have lots of experience putting their clients completely at ease and in using lighting and poses to help you look your very best.

  • Jazmine keith, Jeanine.j
  • Jazmine keith, Jeanine.j

A corset/bustier is the most popular item. It is sexy, seductive and creates a beautiful silhouette. Many come with detachable straps so you can choose whether or not to wear stockings. The straps have the effect of splitting the leg and helping it appear slimmer. Wearing stockings with a lace top, seams or fishnets also adds interest to the leg. If you are short-legged, remove the straps. It gives a less cluttered look and will make your legs look longer; you can also wear a garter just above your knee to add a touch of detail and the illusion of longer legs.

NEVER FORGET high heels! They are the best tool for making your legs appear longer, and accentuating the calf.

If you decide to wear a garter belt, it is a good idea to wear it looser than normal;  this helps avoid any bulge where the belt fits around your body.  You could choose  a wide stretch garter belt, as it eliminates the gap between the garter and underwear. It's a great way to enhance your waist and hide your hips. When selecting your underwear, be it a thong, briefs or boy shorts, keep it looser than normal to avoid elastic marks.

A word about elastic marks: Please don't wear socks or a bra to your session as they create elastic marks on your legs, shoulders and back. It can take two hours or more to completely disappear, are extremely difficult to edit out, adding hours to the edit process and could spoil an otherwise beautiful photograph, or worse, the entire set.

Your Session doesn't require the traditional corset and garter items if you don't want it to. Using your imagination in the attire you choose  you'll create a more personal, individual collection of photographs.

For example sheer fabrics work really well, the use of a veil offers you covering, yet, allows light to shine through, creating a soft, romantic, feminine image. Incorporate your bridal veil or dress and tie the session to your big day. See-though chiffon or lace gowns can create romantic images or a more sensual, sexy look. Use your wedding flowers or items that reflect your color theme,  a feather boa?

You may want to use items that are connected with your partner,  a jersey from a favorite sports team, work items, a dress shirt can be a fabulous look . Your bridal boudoir shoot doesn't mean all the items used have to be bridal in nature.

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Remember,  whatever you choose to wear, or not to wear, the most important thing necessary for great boudoir photographs is CONFIDENCE - enjoy your session knowing that you look fabulous and your partner will be very happy.

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